03202017 Future of SEO

The Future of SEO: A Marketing Outlook From Marketing Experts

The Pittman Group Marketing Basics

Regardless of what some marketers said a few years ago, SEO is not dead. It’s actually what can take your business from being unsuccessful to successful. If an agency can’t deliver an SEO strategy to its clients, then it’s likely those clients will switch to an agency that can. With Google voice searches making up to 20 percent of Google’s mobile …


Why Content Marketing is Your Best Bet to Elevate Your Rankings

The Pittman Group Marketing Basics

Google’s search results suggests millions or billions of web pages, depending on what you type in. The competition to rank first is fierce, especially when the rules of what ranks high are constantly changed. Google has launched major updates over the past couple of years that had a significant impact on ranking. One strategy that still works as well as …