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3 Site Issues That Are Drastically Impacting Your Profit…Plus Solutions

In Marketing Basicsby The Pittman Group

Creating stellar social media posts isn’t an issue for you—you get good reach and a decent number of likes and shares—but no conversions come out of it, and you can’t figure out why.

You ask yourself, “What could the problem be?”

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s your site. You’ve become so consumed with clickable links, catchy headlines and perfect ad copy that you’ve lost sight of the purpose behind these strategies: your website.

You can have headlines crafted using the ultimate clickbait recipe as well as interesting, helpful content, but if you don’t have your site ready for when the social media user clicks the link, then you’ve left out a crucial aspect of the picture and, most likely, won’t get any conversions.

Even if this is your current situation, it doesn’t have to be your future. Here are three key website issues that may be hindering your company’s profit, and a solution that will fix them:

1. Your site doesn’t load at superpower speed

site auditingIn a world of instant gratification, it’s become an unspoken expectation that websites should load fast. Your website’s content drastically decreases in value if people leave your site before the page has even had the chance to load. In fact, only half of all the people who click on your site will wait more than a couple of seconds for it to load. We’ve all been that person before, so don’t be that site.

The reason you want “clicks” on social media is not just to optimize search results, but to get people to buy your product or use your service. But before people click that CTA button, your site must meet the expectations you set for it.

Biggest Takeaway: If your site doesn’t load fast enough, users will leave. Period. Make content changes to your pages to ensure your site loads quickly.

2. Your site isn’t easy to navigate or visually appealing

If people don’t like the look and style of your website, then you’ve lost them. And if people can’t find what they’re looking for on your site easily and quickly, then you’ve really lost them. If a tab says “Articles” there better be articles that pop up when they click that link, and it shouldn’t take an eternity to load (recall that an “eternity” is merely a few seconds for most website visitors).

What else makes a website attractive? Reliability. Make sure there are no broken links and that the content behind each link is relevant. After all, it is all about the user experience.

Biggest Takeaway: If people can’t navigate your site and it’s isn’t visually appealing, they will not want to come back. Make your site easy to use.

3. Your site makes false claims

Next, make sure that every question you said would be answered is answered. Nothing damages the chance of loyal customers more than promising them one service and turning around to give them something completely different.

site auditing

What keeps people engaged is the integrity, value and helpfulness of your site. So sure–get those clicks on social media–but be sure that you deliver the relevant content users are looking for when they decide to go to your site.

Biggest Takeaway: If people can’t find what they came looking for, don’t expect them to visit your site again. Make sure your content answers every question the user has.

What’s The Solution?

Site auditing.

Conduct a site audit to find out where your site needs work. From there, it’s important to prioritize issues that are most important and least important. Many site auditors will actually do this for you. From there, you can knock out each site issue one by one.

Not sure where to go for a site audit? I can help you there. Shoot me an email, and our team will conduct a free site audit for your business.


We should know this by now, but ultimately, you have to take an integrated approach to your marketing efforts. Just like a good ol’ game of dominos, if one aspect of your marketing isn’t working, it will impact other areas. From social media posts, to blog content, to site fixes–in marketing, everything impacts everything. To really be successful, you must make sure that you’re taking a multi-layered approach. Doing anything else is a slippery slope.

So, continue working on your social posts but please, don’t forget about your site.


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