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The Pittman Group Is Not Fooling Around.  Recently, key hires along with key infrastructure investments have been the focus on building a superior arsenal for their clients.  Tom Kartelias joins The Pittman Group bringing 25+ years of educational marketing and admissions experience along with him to join a seasoned team to further build on a higher level of digital wizards and education experts to deliver reporting and results specific to institutional KPI’s.  “After witnessing the level for which the group integrates their expertise and tools to gain results throughout the entire funnel, and how that drives the granular decision-making on the digital marketing side real-time, it was certainly a partner approach that I’ve not seen on the client side and something I was eager to be a part of”, said Kartelias.  With a combined 100+ years of experience within the digital marketing and proprietary school space, the team looks to continue to challenge the areas’ most institutions face today; enrollment growth while maintaining a healthy acquisition cost.  Pete Amerio, is also no stranger to the digital marketing arena and was an integral part in building one of the most successful digital marketing departments’ in the educational vertical.  He’s a force to be reckoned with and known to be one of the best online media buyers by his peers.  With other key members, such as Daron Rodriguez, the group’s pedigree gives their clients an extremely well rounded partner that brings a level of expertise and partnership like no other.  Sean Pittman, the group’s President has certainly picked them well.  Pittman says “Bottom line, its results. Our team works with the end result in mind…period.  The combination of a staff of experts at this level and then a customized solution that is client facing to allow for a combination of data that’s unique to the clients KPI’s and best practice/decision based modeling leaves very little to question.  It’s the way a partnership should be; in it together 100%.  We’re not a just lead provider, sure it’s a piece of what we do, but our clients are seeking enrollment growth…starts ultimately.  Leads are a big part of the equation, but bringing the tools and expertise to maximize the efficiencies of the buys through the funnel, that’s where we get our hands dirty which is followed by results and the trimming of historical fat.  We’re experts in marketing, but also carry a staff that works directly with our clients DAILY that are experts in proprietary Higher Ed enrollment marketing and operations.  This is what we’re seeing institutions lacking in a partner.” The Pittman Group’s pedigree seems to fall right in line with what the industry is asking for.

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