5 Things To Improve Your AdWords ROI

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Are you struggling with your AdWords campaign? If you’re not seeing improved results from your campaign, to put it simply, something is wrong. Your AdWords campaign shouldn’t be causing you money and frustration. If it is, this is step one on the road to recovery: coming to The Pittman Group for insight.

When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom with your pay-per-click campaign, here are five questions you need to start asking your team.

1. Is Our Conversion Tracking Set Up Correctly?

It may seem simple, but making sure that conversion tracking is set up properly can make the biggest difference when it comes to your results. Even if you capture your inquiries or sales using a CRM system and can tell exactly how many your AdWords campaign produced, that doesn’t mean you know exactly what keyword produced that result. Often, when we have taken over an AdWords campaign, we find that conversion tracking is either set up incorrectly and the conversion pixel is placed on every page of the website; tracking has never been set up; or tracking has been removed during a recent website update.

Without conversion tracking, you are flying blind. So, before your campaign crashes and burns, make sure it’s set up correctly.

2. Have We Performed a Search Query Audit?

Do you actually know where your budget is going on AdWords?

If you haven’t taken the time to review your search query report, you may be surprised to learn what people are searching for or where your ad is showing. Don’t get us wrong, Google is good at determining what searches are relevant to your business, but there are still half a billion searches a month that Google misses.

And depending on what match types you have decided to use on your keywords, Google has some major flexibility in determining what search terms are relevant to your ad. A search query report can help you find out how much money is being spent on search terms that have never driven any business for your company. Do you really want to be spending on those? We didn’t think so.

3. Do We Need New Ad Copy?

Outside of the product you’re advertising, ad copy is one of the most important pieces to the AdWords puzzle and leads to getting a better return on your investment. And not just any ad copy … good ad copy.

Ad copy needs to accomplish three things:

  • It needs to grab your audience’s attention,
  • Communicate what you have to offer
  • And tell your audience what you expect them to do.

You have 140 characters to work with, and you better make the most of it. If your current ad copy is falling flat, a few simple tweaks to the ads in your pay-per-click campaigns can have a dramatic impact on your ROI. If you don’t have a call to action, add one. If you don’t have action verbs, add them. If you don’t have eye-catching copy, it’s time to get creative. Start asking others for their opinions on ad copy. We’re all on the internet, and we all see ads, so everyone has experience with ad copy whether they realize it or not.

We will have an Art of Ad Copy video coming up shortly, so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the update!

4. Have We Cleaned Out the Clutter?

There is no golden rule stating you have to keep every keyword in your campaign running at all times. If you decide you want to remove a keyword from your campaign or simply want to stop running one for a while, Google is not going to report you to the internet police. Trust us, it’s good practice to regularly review your campaigns, ad groups and keywords to declutter your campaign and make it more effective and easier to manage.

We suggest going through your campaign and pruning out any keywords with impressions and no clicks, keywords with a lot of clicks and no conversions, or keywords that are no longer relevant to your business.

If you are secretly an AdWords hoarder obsessed with keeping excessive amounts of keywords because you may need them someday, please seek additional help.

5. Have We Double Checked Our Location Targeting?

When was the last time you checked your location targeting? At The Pittman Group, we often get a new client campaign from another agency only to find that that a large percentage of their clicks and traffic are coming from Azerbaijan. We’re not totally sure where Azerbaijan is, but we are sure that’s not a location the client intended to target.

If you’re new to AdWords, take the time to set up the correct location targets for your campaign. If you’ve done this so many times you can do it with your eyes closed, we want to remind you that nobody is perfect, and we should all double check.

AdWords is Only the Beginning, So Don’t Stop Here.

Now that you can ask your team five questions to start seeing better results on your AdWords campaign, you’re making progress. However, there is so much more to enhancing your entire marketing strategy. You don’t have to go it alone, though.

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