5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Local SEO Efforts

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No matter the size of your business, ranking well on Google can be a game changer for you. Getting better search rankings for your business is tough, and it can be intimidating, especially if you are a smaller business. But rest assured, knowing you are capable of improving your local SEO efforts and increasing your opportunity to rank well on Google.

Here are five tips to help you start crushing your local SEO efforts:

1. Start with Doing Keyword Research

Knowing what your customers are searching for to find your product or service is the first step in defining a solid SEO strategy.

At The Pittman Group, we use a variety of competitive analysis software to identify keyword opportunities and how difficult it will be to compete on those terms.

With your list, you can then use a free tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to analyze this list for the amount of traffic and competition on the keywords you selected. What you are looking for are key terms with medium to high amounts of traffic with relatively low levels of competition.

You will want to identify about five to 10 of these terms per product or service to build a theme around for your content and website. You do not have to do this all at once, and if you offer a lot of products and services, you will want to prioritize your top products. Keep these handy because we will be using them shortly…

2. Update Your SEO Title Tags and Meta Description Tags

Remember that keyword list you created? Well, now it’s important to get these on the appropriate pages of your website so Google knows what your page is about.

Keyword research is the most important starting point when it comes to SEO. You will need to write a unique title tag and description for each of your pages. These should describe what people will find on that page and include your key terms. Once you upload these new title and description tags to your website your site will be re-indexed by Google, and your chances to be ranked higher will increase.

3. Claim and Optimize your Google my Business Listing

Google’s My Business listings is one of the largest factors in local SEO success. My Business is a single place to control how your business looks and performs in local search results. While this is not a silver bullet to get you to the top of rankings, with an incomplete profile or a My Business profile that is incorrect and does not align with your website, you are unlikely to rank well.

4. Solicit Online Reviews

In the case of local SEO, Google reviews get equal weight with one-page content and off-site citations as some the top factors for ranking well. Reviews show up in your search results, on Google Maps and can be used in your paid advertising as well.

We typically recommend that our clients set up an email campaign to send a review request to all their customers after each sale.

5. Optimize Your Content

Well written, accurate copy, properly tagged images and optimized videos of your products and services are still the single best method to ensure Google ranks your web pages well.

If your content does not fit with the keywords you chose in step one, it is unlikely (actually impossible) to rank for the terms you have chosen. So, you may need to re-evaluate your list or rework your content. Otherwise, you’re headed for page 10 on Google.

Taking Control of Your Marketing Strategy One Step at a Time…

…with our help, of course.

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