What You Should Know About the Basics of Ad Extensions

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Do you dream of finding new ways to limit the number of visitors to your website and how you can pay more money to attract them? Probably not. But if you’re not using ad extensions in your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, you might as well be.

Not only do Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter offer a variety of options to spice up your pay-per-click ads, increase your click-through rates and improve your ads’ user experience, they also help reduce the cost of your campaigns. If you aren’t using ad extensions, then you should be, and here’s why.

Benefits of Ad Extensions


Ad extensions help your advertisements stand out in a crowded sea of competitors. By increasing the visibility of your ads and providing useful information to the user, you are making yourself the biggest fish in the sea. In other words, you have to make the visibility of your ads high priority.

ad extensions visibility



Ad extensions poor visibility


User Experience

It’s time to face the facts; this digital age is all about instant gratification. Do you spend countless hours digging through search results to find the information you’re looking for? It’s not likely. So, you can’t expect users to put in the same effort to find your ads.

Ad extensions provide your user with the most important information about your company as soon as they click the search button. Unlike organic search results, you have more control over the information that users are finding. You can also measure their responses to see what information works and what doesn’t.


Show up higher in paid search results and save money. That’s right, ad extensions can help you save.

The ad unit type, including ad extensions, is all a part of the larger ad-ranking formula. Essentially, this means that advertisers who choose to use ad extensions are able to gain a higher ad rank than those who don’t. If you’re failing to take advantage of all the different ad extensions available, you could be missing out on valuable points in the ad rank. What’s the consequence? Well, you lose your chance of ever being ranked number one and you may end up paying a higher cost per click to get a visitor to your website.

Want to know what types of ad extensions are available? Well, there are a few different effective options.

Different Types of Ad Extensions You Should Consider

Site Links

Site links allow you to provide links to additional pages, creating a better user experience. In the case of a college or university, you may consider linked to your admissions page, program offerings, student activities or even different departments within the school. These links help users access the information they want right from your ad quickly and easily.

ad extensions site links

Call Extensions

If you want to get your phone number into your search engine marketing ads, then consider using this ad extension. A call extension allows a user to call you directly from the search results page rather. This cuts down on the amount of work and time it takes for a user to click on link and search for your contact information on your website.

This is especially helpful for brands that see a large amount of traffic from mobile devices because people on the go won’t typically spend long periods of time searching from contact information. The easier the better!

ad extensions call extension

Call-Out Extensions

Do you want to make your users aware of a special event, a discount or offer? You can do this without going through the hassle of writing and designing an entirely new ad! And you can accomplish this through call-out extensions.

With a call-out extension, you have 25 characters to tell the world how special your brand really is. Even if you’re not sure what super-special call-out you want to make about your brand, it’s not a big deal. Just write a few of them and let the search engine test which one works best.

ad extensions call-out extension

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