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Who are these Pittman Group guys anyway? You may not know our new name, but chances are you recognize our old one: Adtelligentsia. With a name like that, how could you not recognize it? Times change, though, and people, businesses, and names change with it, and that’s just what’s happened with us.

So why the name change to The Pittman Group? For one thing, Adtelligentsia is a mouthful, and while the name is distinctive, we needed something easier to find, not to mention easier to pronounce. More than that, we needed a name that corresponds to everything we can do and not just advertising. So we named it after the guy who’s put in the sweat and work to get us on the map. Hence, Adtelligentsia is now The Pittman Group, but the changes didn’t stop there.

As we’ve grown, we’ve changed inside and out. Our name is different, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve moved offices. We’ve changed our brand. We’ve expanded our capabilities with new and experienced staff. In some ways we’re still the same, but do you really know us and what we’re all about? Maybe it’s time we told you a little about who we were then before we show you who we are now.

Let’s rewind to 2010. Back then, we were still called Adtelligentsia. Our founder, Sean Pittman, had spent several years as an executive for a prominent Kansas City advertising agency growing professionally at a rapid rate. When he left to start Adtelligentsia, Sean took all the skills and principles he’d established in his previous position and applied them to help his new agency quickly grow and develop just as he had.

Over the last 5 years we’ve blossomed into a full service advertising and marketing agency. From day one, we’ve always believed that building relationships is key to everyone’s success. Today, we still have a strong focus on educational marketing, but while we’re expanding our reach to other clients, our principles and philosophy are still the same: focusing on people and their success. With the launch of our new website came a rebranding for the agency. We’ve always focused on being a partner, guiding our clients through every step of building their marketing strategy, but every step has to have a starting point. We are that starting point. Our mission is to help our clients build a solid marketing foundation from the ground up. That’s why we brand ourselves as the starting point for our clients. We help them take that first step toward reaching their goals and walk with them every step of the way.

Our clients’ needs are changing which means we have to change what we can do for them. We’ve taken the time to acquire and develop passionate and talented people who always work in the best interest of the clients as much as the business itself. With these skilled, experienced, and unique people come expanded capabilities in digital marketing, brand development, and creative design. We still offer services like inquiry generation, enrollment marketing and call center services but now we do so much more. We want to handle our clients’ every need because their success is our success.


In addition to these changes in name, brand, and capabilities, we’ve also changed our venue to the historic Palace Clothing Company Building. Designed by Frederic E. McIlvain, the Palace Clothing Company Building has been in the heart of downtown Kansas City since the early 1920’s and is considered a historic landmark. Located on 12th Street and Grand Boulevard, the building has been renovated, restored, and remains a focal point of the downtown area. Now, it’s our new home and with such close neighbors as The Sprint Center, Bartle Hall, and Kansas City’s Power and Light District, we’ve got our fingers right on the pulse of what’s happening in Kansas City

So why all these changes? Maybe we just want to get noticed, but really, we want to better meet our clients’ needs. We know change is inevitable, and in order to meet the changing needs of our clients, we need to have the resources to remain their partners as long as they need us to be. So while we may have a new name, a new look, a new home, and a new set of skills, we’re still the same marketing agency we’ve always been, and as we continue to grow, our clients can expect the same partner they’ve always trusted from the starting point to every point that lies ahead.

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