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For about a year, a client’s organic website traffic had been experiencing a steady decline. A small budget was dedicated to trying to make gains in SEO, but the budget was not enough to move the needle on increasing organic traffic and leads.


The client had minimal content on their website, making it difficult to optimize it for search. The average word count of a Google first page result is 1890 words, whereas, many of our client’s most important pages struggled to top 200 words. Additionally, the site needed a more modern look and feel and updated design to meet audience demands and expectations. Our team recommended a website redesign that included re-writing the entire site’s content.


The redesigned website launched in July 2017, including a complete overhaul of the content. In addition to adding a substantial amount of content to the site, it was optimized for search and targeted toward keywords for which the client should be trying to rank.

In the weeks following the launch of the website, we saw a huge increase in the amount of organic traffic to the site. Period over period, organic traffic saw a 95.28% increase, and year over year, organic traffic went up 63.8%.

Search impressions for the client went up 19% after the launch of the new site compared to the previous period,and clicks to the website from those search results were up 25% over the previous period.

Further, following the launch of the site, the number of ranked keywords for the client was 2100 compared the 1608 ranked keywords in the same amount of time leading up to the launch of the site.

Below is a graph of YoY organic search traffic to the website where orange is the client website since the launch and purple is the same period one year earlier.

Site Redesign and Content Overhaul

Of course, these numbers don’t mean anything unless they are producing more leads. Organic traffic also produced 316.67% more leads following the launch of the new site compared to the same time the year prior.

A combination of a better site design along with greatly improved and optimized content is producing massive results for organic traffic. Does this sound like something you could use to increase your leads? Drop us a line! We would love to help!

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