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How often are you on Facebook? Probably every day. How often do you see ads when you’re on Facebook? Probably every day, too. Facebook ad campaigns are a powerful marketing tool, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create ads that are actually successful.

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the hottest places to grow your brand. However, Facebook’s algorithm has made it increasingly more difficult to get your content in front of people organically. To make sure your message is reaching your intended audience, not only do you need to post organically, you need to be using Facebook’s ad platform.

But how do you maximize your impact on Facebook using ads to generate leads or sales? Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to creating effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Creating Custom and Look-Alike Audiences

Make sure you are communicating your message to the right people who are looking for your product or service. This is where audience targeting comes into play.

Facebook has a variety of audience-targeting capabilities; however, star with creating a custom and look-alike audience.

This audience-building feature allows you to upload a list of your current customer’s emails to Facebook and build audiences around that list. This means you can advertise to people who look like your customers.

Building Your List

“Okay, but why is building a list important,” you may wonder.

Well, when you build a list, you can choose how large a variance from your exact customer profile you want. Remember, the larger the variance from your profile, the greater the number of people who can potentially see your message and respond to your call to action.

Building Your Campaign

The building-your-campaign part always seems to trip a lot of people up, since Facebook has such a wide variety of options for your campaign type.

To keep it simple, if you are in lead generation, product sales or you’re trying to build your email list, you will want to try to move the conversation off Facebook.

The best objective for Facebook ad campaigns is conversions. With a conversion campaign, you can drive the user to your custom landing pages or website and track how many people perform your desired action.

If you are in lead generation, this can be confusing because Facebook also has a “lead generation” campaign objective. This can be an effective campaign type, but it does not allow you to take the conversation off Facebook.

If you do decide to use this campaign objective, you can build lead forms in Facebook; however, depending on your CRM system, you may need to go back into Facebook to collect your leads.

Writing Ads

People visit Facebook to communicate with friends and family but also to learn about what is happening in their world. By treating your ad like a story on the front page of the newspaper with a snappy headline, compelling image and enticing description, you’re leaving people wanting more. If you can get more people to “turn the page” by clicking to your website to continue the conversation, then you’re doing your Facebook ad campaigns right.

Try writing a little too much in the description text so Facebook cuts it off mid-sentence. Those ellipses can be a powerful tool to get people to click through to your website to finish reading your story and purchase your product.

Choosing Imagery

Not everyone will be able to afford custom photography for their Facebook ad campaigns, but you can do many things to dress up your images before placing them in your ads.

You may consider using a site like Canva to help you develop some very custom images for your ads. And the best part about Canva is that all their images and custom templates are only $1.00. If you want to keep your budget to an absolute minimum, they also have many free templates you can use.

Before you get too fancy with your ads, start with a few simple single image ads, you can then combine these ads into a carousel or slide show ad for testing.

Using Video

If you haven’t noticed a major trend moving the direction of video, it’s time to open your eyes and ears. Video is the medium of choice for people of all ages. It hits three of the biggest sensory points for human learning: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. And most importantly, you can use it to effectively tell your story. Viewers can learn to like and trust you, and that is so important on and often-distant social media landscape.

When it comes to video, you do not need to make it expensive or complicated to create effective Facebook campaigns. Some of the hottest trends are audio video ads and meme ads, which can be created using GIFs.

You’ve Got Our Tips, Now Make Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Great.

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