PPC Landing Page Series- A Solid Landing Page Keeps Users From Saying Let’s Bounce

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People use search engines to search for what they need. No brainer, right? So you want to make sure your brand and business shows up on those search results pages. One way to do this is with pay-per-click marketing (PPC).

The thing with PPC, though, is that if it’s not getting users to what they’re searching for, then it’s not helping you get conversions and then what’s the point of spending the money on it? PPC can be useful, but to get the most from it you need specific landing pages that match the content of your ad so when people click on them, they’re getting the information they expect to get, instead of getting frustrated and bouncing away so fast you don’t have time to get your message across, let alone get a conversion.


“If a good PPC account isn’t converting, in 99% of cases the landing page is the problem,” says Brad Geddes, PPC expert and author of Advanced Google Adwords.

There’s nothing worse than clicking on an ad on a search results page and not finding exactly what you’re searching for. Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? People don’t have the time or attention span to sift through dozens of search results. So when users click on your ad, you only have a split second before they decide to stay on your page or move on to the next, and that’s why you need to make sure your landing page content matches your ad.

Tailoring the content of your landing page to your ad is what keeps users on your page. The more relevant your content is to your ad, the more confident users are going to feel that they are on the right page, easing their frustration and confusion. The more confident users feel that they’ve been led to what they’re looking for the more likely they are to convert.


How many times have you clicked on an ad and expected to be taken directly to the landing page only to be taken to the homepage and have to keep drilling down to get to what you want? Isn’t the whole reason you clicked on the ad because you didn’t want to hunt around for the information you needed?

Many PPC ads lead users to existing website pages, usually the homepage. The problem with this is that the homepage has too many interaction points and users have to waste time figuring out how to navigate the site and where they can find the information they want leading back to more frustration and lower conversions.

The better solution is to have your ads lead to more targeted landing pages that create a strong message match between the ad and your content. By presenting users with a more focused landing page you are shortening the conversion funnel considerably because people don’t have to waste unnecessary steps to get to the information they want. Users are more likely to stay on your landing page and are warmed up to making a conversion decision by finding what they needed easily and efficiently.


Having targeted landing pages with matching content to your ad doesn’t just help keep people from bouncing, it helps give you a high quality score, as well. That’s right. Users aren’t the only ones looking at your landing pages. Google is, too.

Search engines like Google look at the content of your ads and landing pages to see how well they match up. If Google thinks the content of your landing page is relevant to the content of your ad, your quality score will improve. The higher your score is, the more Google will serve your ad on search results pages, leading to more clicks, lower cost-per-click, and higher conversions, and all that from just leading users to where they want to go.

There’s a lot more to PPC ads than just having a landing page. It takes relevant and specific content to create a targeted landing page that will get you a higher ad rank, a higher quality score and a higher conversion rate. By simply matching the content of your landing pages to that of your ads you help ease the frustration of your users which will make them more likely to convert rather than let your page be another notch on their bounce list.

For more information on how we can optimize your PPC ads visit us at: https://thepittgroup.com/paid-search and find out how a new landing page can get you those conversions you’re looking for.

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