Secrets of SMS Marketing for Business

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By now, most people have incorporated texting as a habit into their daily lives. You may use texting to simply keep in touch with friends and family, but have you thought about using SMS marketing for business?

Let this sink in: Over 20 billion text messages are sent every day around the globe. In the United States, 97% of adults use texting to communicate at least weekly, and not only are Americans using text messaging, they prefer it as a method of communicating with brands.1

Why Use SMS Marketing for Business?

Did you know that 75% of millennials prefer text messaging over talking and send an average of 67 text messages per day?

It is not just the young generations that prefer text messaging, either. In customer satisfaction surveys, text messaging was the highest rated contact method compared with all other communication channels and 64% of Americans hold a favorable view of brands that offer texting as a form of communication.1
And it is easy to see why, the short format of text messages makes them non-intrusive and easy to read.

Maybe that is why 98% of text messages are opened by the receiver versus only 30% of emails.1

As an added bonus, most brands overlook SMS marketing as a communication channel, so it has not acquired the negative mystique of email marketing, which has been plagued by spammers and junk mail.

Developing Your Plan

When 160 characters is all you have to communicate your message, how can you make sure that you are reaching and engaging your audience? Here are four tips to help you build a successful SMS marketing strategy that can turn your prospects into customers:

    • Personalize Your Offers

Personalization starts with segmenting your list. You can do this many different ways; however, a good place to begin is by looking at the types of products or services they originally inquired about.

Personalize your content plan to the user. If you don’t take the time to build trust with the user, then the mismatch in the messaging will come across as self-serving. Make the message about the user. And don’t be afraid to use their name or the name of the product in the text message. It may cut into your ability to provide a clear call to action in your message, but it adds personalization.

    • Focus on Value, Not Selling

Provide the user with useful links to content on your website. Doing so helps you build a relationship with this individual and shows that you are willing to share your resources and expertise.

Think of each of these content-rich messages as building a bank account with your prospect. You will need a balance when you want to make a withdrawal in the form of asking for their business. Try this rule of thumb: at least three pieces of useful information to one call for the sale.

    • Use Video to Engage

Never underestimate the power of a well-made video.

To illustrate the power of video, a recent text message we sent out for a client received a 7% click-through rate and over 300 video views in the first 30 minutes after sending with a .1% opt out rate.
To place this in perspective, a typical CTA-type text sees a 2% response rate and a 13% opt out rate. The difference between those results is all because of a video.

The bottom line is this, videos hot and consumer demand for video content continues to grow at an amazing rate. Your brand should be taking advantage of this trend and sharing video with your prospects and customers.

We will have more on video marketing coming up in upcoming Marketing Pitt Stop episodes, so keep your eyes open!

    • Track Engagement to Give Your Audience What They Want.

By monitoring what types of content your consumers are engaging with you can work to refine your content delivery strategy. make sure you are watching stats such as click throughs, total watch time on videos, time on page and bounce rates on your website to determine how well your content is being received.

Then deliver more of this content.

SMS Marketing is a Key Player in Your Marketing Game Plan

Now that you have learned how to be more effective with your SMS marketing campaigns, it’s important to get started today on developing your SMS marketing plan using these tips.

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