Email Design

You need to send emails to your audience, a lot of them, but how can you be sure your audience is actually opening and reading them and not just deleting them? When it comes to making sure your email marketing strategy is working for you, an effective, eye-catching and engaging email design goes a long way. Every day, people’s inboxes are bombarded by salvo after salvo of emails, but the difference between staying in the inbox and getting sent to the junk folder lies with what’s inside your email, and we can help.

If you want your email marketing strategy to pay off for you, your emails need to do more than just get to your audience. At the Pittman Group, we believe it has to be engaging if you want your audience to be engaged, and your email design should follow suit. By inventing first-rate, functional email designs we help you get your audience to open your email, read the content, and click to your landing page, because after all, more clicks means more results.

What we can do for your email design:

  • We analyze and review your email marketing strategy and determine how to keep you from being ignored or deleted.
  • We create vibrant and striking email designs that grab your audience’s attention.
  • We develop responsive emails that render easily across digital and mobile devices.
  • We invent engaging emails that encourage your audience to open, read, click, and interact.
  • We compose email content that is gripping and doesn’t leave you relying on images which may not be enabled.
  • We generate functional emails that won’t be blocked or marked as spam.
  • Whatever your email design needs may be, we have a service to meet your needs.

    We handle it all, and we handle it all for one price.

    We’re not like other companies. We won’t make empty promises about crafting compelling email designs that keep you out of spam and junk folders. We deliver because it’s what we do! It’s our job to help you set attainable goals, identify opportunities, and help you reach those goals.

    We know you need to stay in touch with your audience, and with an enticing and effective email design, we can help you stay in touch, stay in inboxes, and stay in your audience’s favor. Even if it’s already good, “it can always be better,” and the Pittman Group can make it better. Step up your web design and get the targeted audience and results you need! Contact us today!