Enrollment Marketing

These days, it seems everyone is going back to school, but with so many choices between colleges, vocational schools, and online universities, how can you get prospective students to notice you and get them into the classroom? That’s where enrollment marketing comes in and we can help.

Here at the Pittman Group, we know that the right combination of knowledge, technology, and experience can help make your enrollment marketing campaign a success, and we have the right combination for you. From inquiry generation, to affiliate management, to digital marketing, we have the skills and knowledge to get your educational institution on the radar.

Whether you want to create a new strategy, or maybe take your existing strategy up a notch, we know that boosting enrollment is your goal and we want to help you reach that goal by getting students to take notice and take action.


When you want to get the most from your enrollment marketing campaign, you need the technology, resources, and skills to effectively manage every aspect. With Leadpitt, you get the advanced methods and expertise necessary to organize and optimize your marketing activities. From managing affiliates and campaigns, to capturing and distributing inquiries, to routing and tracking calls, Leadpitt is the marketing platform you need to simplify your campaign and reach your goals.


If you want your enrollment marketing campaign to be effective, you need to make prospective students want to enroll. With our comprehensive enrollment system, students receive a customized process management tool that feels unique and tailor-made for each of them. Whether, it’s collecting and storing application data, communicating with students, or providing them with as much information as they need, our comprehensive enrollment system helps simplify the entire process for students leading to more conversions and less empty classrooms.


An effective call center team can mean the difference between results and missed opportunities. With Pro Academix, you can expect more conversions and higher enrollment rates through the use of live transfers that get your audience connecting with real people, for real results. With over 155 call center seats, Pro Academix has the resources to turn inquiries into the conversions you need.


A strong tailor-made digital presence can play a vital role in the success of your enrollment marketing campaign. These days everything can be done online or via social media, and digital marketing can reach out to prospective students more effectively than traditional marketing methods. By utilizing enrollment information from prospective students, we can help schools create tailored marketing plans that personalize communication between student and school and help drive more inquiries and greater conversion rates.


In order for an enrollment marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to first generate inquiries. With an industry leader like Pro Academix, you can expect fast, accurate, and direct inquiry generation that yields higher conversion rates and greater results for schools. Through a combination of resources and experience, Pro Academix has the means to deliver tailored school matches to prospective students that create inquiries, increase conversions, and boost enrollment.


When it comes to enrollment marketing campaigns, military personnel are a vital resource that not everyone knows how to tap. If you’re looking for ways to reach military personnel on active or reserve duty, in the National Guard, or those who have already served with honor, we can help develop programs to connect you with military personnel who wish to further their education or career. From inquiry generation and performance based calling campaigns to fully integrated traditional and digital marketing campaigns, we have the resources, and strategy to help you succeed.