Inquiry Generation

You have classrooms, classrooms with empty seats, and you need to direct prospective students to get those seats filled. People may know your school or education program already exists, but how do you inform and connect with those people to turn them from prospective students into current ones? What you need is someone with the experience and resources to not only communicate with your prospects, but to inform them and match them with your school. What you need is a leader in fast, accurate, and direct inquiry generation. What you need is us and our Pro Academix services.

There is a sea of schools and educational programs available to prospective students, and with the Pittman Group, we can help navigate those prospects to your ports of call through our Pro Academix inquiry generation service. By providing tailored school matches to prospective students via live transfers and data posts, we create an efficient and positive experience that lowers costs and raises conversions. Our 50 years of industry experience combined with advanced technology and resources don’t just generate inquiries: they generate conversions, they generate enrollment, and they generate results.

What we can do for your inquiry generation:

  • We design custom inquiry programs to meet your inquiry and enrollment needs.
  • We connect and communicate with prospects through a 100% inbound call center.
  • We utilize data posts to provide tailored school matches for prospective students.
  • We employ warm, live transfers to get students in touch with your school.
  • We help lower costs by applying superior training and technology into efficient strategies.
  • We increase conversions and boost enrollment through streamlined, easy-to-use interfacing for interested students.
  • We provide online exclusive reporting to help you keep track of your inquiries and enrollment.
  • Whatever your inquiry generation needs may be, we have a service to meet your needs.

    We handle it all, and we handle it all for one price.

    We’re not like other companies. We won’t make empty promises about getting you on prospective students’ radars and steering them in your direction. We deliver because it’s what we do! It’s our job to help you set attainable goals, identify opportunities, and help you reach those goals.

    We know you need to generate inquiries, and more than that, generate conversions, and with Pro Academix and our help, we have the means to get prospective students interested, get them matched, and get them in class. Even if it’s already good, “it can always be better,” and the Pittman Group can make it better. Count on us as your inquiry generation partner and get the targeted audience and results you need! Contact us today!