You want to know what your customers really think about your brand, your products and services, and you. If you want to get the accurate, detailed feedback of your audience, then look no further than surveys. Whether it’s customer feedback on your product or service, how customers see your brand, or just getting to know your customers a little bit better, call center surveys get the facts to help you build or rebuild your marketing strategy, and we know how to get those facts.

Knowing how your audience is reacting to your products, services, and business can provide a lot of insight into how your call center campaign is performing, and with the Pittman Group’s call center survey services, we can help you determine what’s working for your customers and what isn’t. Whether you want to know customer satisfaction ratings, how to place and market new products, or just what sort of products and services your audience is looking for, surveys can give you the means to get to know your customers and get to know what they want, need, and expect from you.

What we can do with our survey services:

  • We design surveys that ask the questions you want and get the answers you need.
  • We write valid questions that get you the in-depth and honest feedback and won’t skew data.
  • We distribute surveys via inbound and outbound calls to get your audience talking.
  • We acquire customer feedback to identify satisfaction scores and ratings.
  • We help you determine how to position and market new products based on survey results.
  • We conduct research into your products, services, brand, and business to discover what’s working for you and what isn’t.
  • We collect specific, targeted data by gearing surveys to the audience you’re working with.
  • We help you decide how to use the data to get the most from your marketing strategy.
  • We aid you in understanding your audience and how and why they decide to choose you over the competition.

Whatever your survey needs may be, we have a service to meet your needs.

We handle it all, and we handle it all for one price.

We’re not like other companies. We won’t make empty promises about our survey services getting your audience to tell you what they want, tell you what they think, or tell you if you stink. We deliver because it’s what we do! It’s our job to help you set attainable goals, identify opportunities, and help you reach those goals.

We know you need answers, answers straight from your audience’s mouth, and our call center survey services can ask the questions, get you the answers, and get you and your audience to work together. Even if it’s already good, “it can always be better,” and the Pittman Group can make it better. Step up your survey strategy and get the targeted audience and results you need! Contact us today!