Tracking & Monitoring

You have the strategy, but you need to be sure your call center campaign is performing the way it needs be to get you results. When it’s working, an effective call center marketing campaign can help you reach out to your audience, convert them into new customers, and turn them into loyal ones, but when it’s not, it could be hurting you more than helping you. That’s why tracking and monitoring plays such a vital role in your call center campaign, because you want to make sure it’s working and working for you and we can help you check that.

With our state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring technology and resources, the Pittman Group has the means to ensure your phone center campaign is doing everything it should be to get you the inquiries, customers, and conversions you need. We track and monitor customer data and analyze how it’s impacting your phone center strategy so we can know how and where to optimize and improve your campaign and so you can know how your call center sounds and how you can get it to hit all the notes it should be.

What we can do for tracking and monitoring your call center campaign:

  • We can employ state-of-the-art technology and the know-how to use it to ensure every aspect of your call center campaign is functioning properly.
  • We can utilize industry experience to guarantee your inbound or outbound strategies are getting you the conversions you need.
  • We can collect and track customer data to determine where and how your call center campaign is connecting with your audience.
  • We can monitor and analyze customer data to detect where your campaign is hitting the mark and where it’s missing your target audience.
  • We can provide accurate reports on your call center’s performance to determine ways to improve it.
  • We can help lower costs and maximize your budget by optimizing your campaign to make it more efficient and effective.
  • Whatever your tracking and monitoring needs may be, we have a service to meet your needs.

    We handle it all, and we handle it all for one price.

    We’re not like other companies. We won’t make empty promises about our tracking and monitoring capabilities helping you determine if your call center campaign sounds good or needs to be tuned. We deliver because it’s what we do! It’s our job to help you set attainable goals, identify opportunities, and help you reach those goals.

    We know your call center strategy is an important part of your marketing presence, and with our skills and resources in tracking and monitoring, we can help get your call center campaign to hit those high notes instead of just sounding flat. Even if it’s already good, “it can always be better,” and the Pittman Group can make it better. Step up your tracking and monitoring strategy and get the targeted audience and results you need! Contact us today!