SMS Case Study: Increasing Engagement Rates 350%

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Everyone knows SMS marketing (or text marketing) is increasing exponentially, right? But did you know 98% of SMS messages are opened compared to just 20% of emails? And that the average person takes 90 seconds to respond to a SMS compared to 90 minutes with an email? There’s no other medium out there with that kind of open rate.

Adding SMS to your marketing strategy is a smart choice.

SMS marketing is the key to connecting with more of your prospects and keeping them engaged. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our case study about how we helped one client improve their positive response rates by 350% while lowering their opt out rates by a whopping 1300%!


Our client had a challenge with converting their prospects into paying customers. They were using SMS marketing on a bi-weekly basis to attempt to move their prospects further down the funnel. Their initial tactic consisted of straight-forward, hard calls to action to get individuals to buy. However, this strategy resulted in minimal responses and an exceptionally high opt-out rate.


The client turned to The Pittman Group, to revise their SMS marketing strategy to reduce their opt-out rates and improve their positive responses.



To address this challenge, we developed an SMS marketing plan that consisted of three components: segmentation, timing and creative.

We began by segmenting the client’s prospect list based on the amount of time the individual had been in the pipeline, the products they were interested in and whether they had shown interest in previous offers or not. By creating these segments, we were able to customize the content.

Timing was adjusted based on the prospects place in the pipeline for when to make a soft call to buy and the number of value-driven content pieces a prospect would receive before asking them to buy.  For individuals who had been in the pipeline longer, we gave a longer interval between messages. Those who were new to the list, or had been on the list less than three months, were given shorter delivery intervals, all timed on creating brand recall for when the individual was ready to take action.

Two types of creative were tested, one linking to a blog article and one to a video on the client’s website. We ran the two SMS messages one after another: the blog article first and the embedded video second.

SMS Marketing



The results of the test were immediate and outstanding!

In the first SMS blast, which included a link to a blog article, the engagement rate (number of click-throughs to the website and positive text responses to the client) increased 350% from a previous average of 1.72% to 6.03%. The opt-out rate for the message dropped to 1.27% from 13.45% the previous drop.

When we shared the embedded video, the results improved even further, with engagement rates increasing to 10.28% and the opt-out rate dropping to 0.47%!

The first soft-sell message following this round of content-focused messaging also performed better than previous call-to-sale messages. The positive response rate was 2.14%, which was up from the previous average of 1.72%. For the first soft-sell message following the content messages, the opt-out rate was a mere 1.02% down from a previous range of 10-13%.

A strategy focused on giving the consumer the type of content they want, and delivering it through a channel they feel comfortable with, can deliver the results you are looking for. Focusing on the consumer’s needs should be the first step in developing a lead nurturing plan. Then personalize the campaign through analysis and automation to ensure you are delivering the right message at the right time and in the right way.

With the right content, delivered at the right time, you will connect with more of your prospects – we guarantee!  Want to learn more? We are here to help. Let us know your unique communication challenge, and we will help develop a solution to meet your needs.

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