Traditional Media

You use digital marketing, you use mobile marketing, and you use social media marketing, but do old school traditional advertising methods work with your new school strategy? While many businesses rely upon a strong digital presence and social media outlets to reach their audience, traditional advertising strategy does still play a role in modern marketing campaigns. How you ask? While digital and social media advertising can get your audience to interact with you, they may not necessarily know how or where to get to you. Traditional forms of advertising such as print ads, billboards, and radio and TV spots can help steer your audience in your direction and we can help get them there.

If you want to reach as much of your target audience as possible, you need to utilize every method possible. We at the Pittman Group believe an effective marketing campaign isn’t made up of one marketing method. It takes a combination of new, technology-based strategies along with traditional strategies to get your name out there and get people interacting with you. After all, your audience can’t interact with you if they don’t even know you exist.

What we can for your traditional advertising strategy:

  • We develop a balanced combination of print and digital strategies to make sure you reach as much of your audience as possible.
  • We outsource your broadcast advertising to get you the tailored media spots you need to get your audience to take notice.
  • We negotiate and purchase broadcast advertising including radio and TV spots to get you on your audience’s wavelengths.
  • We bid for placing print advertising in local and mainstream magazines and newspapers.
  • We write and design your print advertisements to make them stand out wherever they’re placed.
  • We manage and distribute your direct mail campaigns to get you into mailboxes and into customers’ hands.

Whatever your traditional advertising strategy needs may be, we have a service to meet your needs.

We handle it all, and we handle it all for one price.

We’re not like other companies. We won’t make empty promises about steering your traditional advertising strategy to help get you on the map. We deliver because it’s what we do! It’s our job to help you set attainable goals, identify opportunities, and help you reach those goals.

We know you need to get noticed, and sometimes digital or social media outlets just can’t do it alone. You need a mixture of traditional and modern advertising strategies, and with our resources, knowledge, and skills, we can brew up a combined strategy that will get your audience to wake up to who you are. Even if it’s already good, “it can always be better,” and the Pittman Group can make it better. Step up your traditional advertising strategy and get the targeted audience and results you need! Contact us today!